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Testimony - Bright Internship

Lani Mariana, Ottimmo Internasional Master Gourmet - Thailand Internship, Culinary Art

When I was an intern at Bandara, I was happy to be directly taken care of  the head chef and on the first day I was able to serve food to guests.  It took time to build rapport with the other workers, but in the end, they and I got to know each other and worked well together. 

Indeed, the Bandara is not the hotel I want from a FnB perspective and I learn more about life than the kitchen, but on the bright side I was able to get through that phase and was considered a staff there with a team that was like family.  And I got a lot of small gift  items and memories.

Last, they taught me Thai and I taught them English.  I learned that difficult to communicate doesn't mean that I can't be close, because I am very close to one staff who can't speak English at all, but I am very very close with him, his name is Phi Nick.

Testimony - Bright Internship

Vieri Luois Cenisius, Indonesia International Institute for Life-Sciences (i3L) - Thailand Virtual Internship, Marketing and Business

Our internship was fun, beneficial, challenging, and helpful for our future. We can spread our connection overseas or in the international range.

The most memorable experience that I had was the first meeting where we really nervous and scare to meet the company supervisor virtually, and also the last meeting where we present our findings regarding the project given with confident.

The skillsets that I gained was the time management skill which divide my to di list to several things, the communication skill especially with the professional industry, and also teamwork where we could divided the tasks given based on our abilities and experiences and done them with the good result.

The things that went better was my skillsets that I mentioned above and also I feel more confident to communicate with others. My skill in social media also increase because I have analyzed several social media account and also my current internship host company. 

Testimony - Bright Internship

Anastasia Clarissa, UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur - Indonesia Internship, Marketing

A wonderful journey for me, learning many things that I don’t know before about social media marketing.

I gained more knowledge about copywriting, planning, and advertising

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