Caffeine Journey

Coffee has become one of the five highest traded commodities in the world due to its popularity. Even in Indonesia, drinking coffee has become a tradition and part of Indonesia people’s everyday life that cannot be skipped. This becomes a reason why the growth of both local and international coffee shops in Indonesia is quite significant, especially in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bali.

Living in Indonesia, the third-largest producer of coffee in the world, we have the privilege to taste different types of premium and rare coffee, such as Luwak and Yellow Caturra, and even get immersed in the in the processing. If you're a coffee lover, a culinary entrepreneur, a barista aspirant, or even a student who want to learn more about coffee, this Caffeine Journey program is for you. Assisted by certified technical judge for Indonesia Barista Championship, this Caffeine Journey program is meant to introduce you to Indonesia culinary culture while getting involved in Indonesian cultural immersion.

What You Will Learn

  • Coffee Fundamentals
  • Coffee Selecting, Coffee Grading, Coffee Roasting, Coffee Reserving
  • Coffee scaling and scooping, Coffee Brewing
  • Latte Art
  • Food Pairing
  • Coffee Plantation Visit
  • Corporate Visit
  • Cultural Immersion

Learning Process

Presentation and demonstration by the expert, meet with local barista and entrepreneur with the opportunity to present questions, discuss and build connections. You will get the opportunity to demonstrate what you have learnt during class.

Program Inclusions

Our Study Tour Program is very flexible and we can help you to design your program as much or as little of the program you preferred.

Typical inclusions are airport transfers, in-country travel and transportation, meals, lecture and workshop, workshop module, guest speakers, leisure tours, cultural excursion.

Application Deadline

Our Caffeine Journey program runs all year long and the application deadline is 2 months prior to the start date.

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Customized Study Tour

Bright Internships also coordinates short-term group study tours for students who wish to visit and network with overseas institutions or corporates. This study tour will enhance the students' educational, cultural and leisure experiences.

Highlight Top Destinations

  • Singapore
  • Shanghai
  • Hong Kong
  • Bangkok
  • Seoul
  • Tokyo
  • Bali
  • Jakarta
  • Surabaya

All Majors can Join the Program

Programs are available for all majors such as Business, Marketing, Economics, Engineering, Technology, Science, Manufacturing, Communications, Media, Design, Public Relations, Health Sciences, Hospitality, Tourism and many more.

Program Inclusions

Our Study Tour Program is very flexible and we can help you to design your program as much or as little of the program you preferred.

Typical inclusions are airport pick-up,orientation, in-country travel and transportation, housing, meals, tour guides, program booklets, guest speakers, capstone projects with host companies, leisure tours, cultural excursion, visa and 24/7 emergency supports.

Why Use Our Service

  • Flexible programs designed and customized to meet the particular needs, goals, and budget of your students, faculty, and institution.
  • Ability for your institution to brand Bright Internships programs as its own.
  • In-country support for all programs from our network of overseas-based Partners.
  • Our Group Leader is trained to bring group in the safe and supportive environment and we provide health, safety and emergency plans.
  • Our professional staffs will work with you to get the right program at the right costs for your students, faculty, and institution.

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