Tokyo is one of the most advanced metropolitan cities in the world and the heart of Japan’s blooming financial activities. It houses multinational corporations, major media establishment, some of the best universities in the world, and globally known tourist attractions. The city itself reflects the Japanese society as a whole, a wonderful combination of tradition and progress with ancient shrines surrounded by skyscrapers, and extraordinary museums of both science and history. Experience Japan's largest city with our Tokyo Internship Program!

Japanese people are famous for their upstanding business ethics and hard-working characteristics. With our Tokyo Internship Program, you will get the chance to learn these qualities and acquire an outstanding credibility in the field of your choosing. Language barrier can be a challenge, since English is not widely used, but learning a new language and gaining mastery over it in the course of your internship will definitely prove useful for your future endeavor.

We also have Kyoto internship and special hospitality program in Hokkaido, Okinawa, and Nagasaki with positions offered are culinary arts and front office

Tokyo Internship Program Start Dates and Duration

Our Tokyo Internship Program is available anytime along the year for minimum 3 weeks to maximum 24 weeks. Check our package and pricing!

We would suggest that you to arrive on a Thursday and start the program briefing on Friday. Then you can rest on the weekend and start the internship bright and early on Monday

Suggested Activities in Tokyo

1. Visit Tokyo DisneySea – Japan has an abundance of interesting and unique theme parks. Located near the city is Tokyo DisneySea, a one-of-a-kind theme park that is only available in Japan, unlike Disneyland that can also be found in several different countries.  It is made up of seven themed ports based of legends and stories of the sea, offering the experience of exploring and adventuring in deep waters.

2. Go shopping – As the bustling center of Japan, it comes to no surprise that Tokyo is also a heaven for shopaholics. From the high classed fashion style in Ginza to the distinctive, colorful streetwear of Harajuku. The electronics district of Akibahara for all the ‘techies’ out there. Unique Japanese items at low prices at Don Quijote or 100-yen shops. Tokyo has everything for everyone!

3. Dinner at an izakaya – Izakaya is a Japanese bar or pub that will allow you to get a taste of various delicious Japanese dishes. Some of the must tries are yakitori, grilled squid, gyoza, and also many others. Relax after a busy day with lovely food and a pint of beer – or a bottle of sake!

Eligibility Requirement

• Local Japanese people, all nationalities eligible for Temporary Visit Visa or Special Visa(*), foreign talent in Japan (with valid visa)
• Above 18 years old
• Fluent in English
• Fluency in basic Japanese preferred.
• The Program is endorsed by your University/Education Institutions

(*)Temporary Visit Visa is valid for the internship program less than 90 days and no salary given during the internship. While Special Visa is valid for the internship program longer than 90 days. 

Application Deadline

4 months prior to the intended start date (the latest). More info:

Advice for Someone Considering Doing Internship in Tokyo

  1. Be punctual –Punctuality is especially important in Japanese society. The prime example of this is their public transportation where a minute late from the schedule is already considered an abnormal occurrence.
  2. Prepare business cards – Bringing your business card written in Japanese (and preferably with the English translation on the other side) is a must in every business affairs. Do not forget to also learn the proper Japanese etiquette in exchanging cards.
  3. Staying late – Although it has been a point of contention in recent times, staying late for work is still widely considered to be the evidence of working hard in Japan. Unless told otherwise beforehand, pay attention to when your coworker, especially your seniors, leave the office and adjust accordingly.
  4. Learn Japanese – Aside for its obvious usefulness, showing effort in learning the language will certainly net you the appreciation from your Japanese coworker and friends!


What's next?

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