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We provide meaningful experience for everyone through the world’s best internship program. We believe that everyone has the right to pursue a successful career and we help to get you STAND OUT from the crowd.

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Vicky C, the University of Surabaya (UBAYA) - Surabaya Internship, Game Industry

I am interning at a game company as a game tester, so basically I am testing games and features across multiple platforms and document all findings, bugs, crashes, errors and etc. In addition, I helped to diagnose issues discovered during alpha testing. The internship is fun and I rated the host company, supervisor, Bright Internships and their staffs excellent and I would recommend it to everyone!

Jade Permata, Singapore National Academy - Surabaya Internship, Psychology Industry

My most memorable experience would be visiting the Sports Clinic in Dr. Soetomo with my supervisor. Other than that, the talks we had in the office was also very interesting and memorable. Bright Internships has been a wonderful experience for me. It has guided me on how to do interviews and construct my resume, and has been very helpful with all my questions. Overall, it was a new and thrilling experience!

Eka Rudyanto, University of Bedfordshire - Hong Kong Internship, Finance Industry

My 3 months Hong Kong internship has exceeded my expectations. Being the key getaway to one of the world's largest economy, Hong Kong serves as a main platform where various international firms establish their presence into China and Asia. Because of this reason Hong Kong offers a major opportunity to gain practical business experience and a good start point to a bright career. Aside of the challenging and competitive business environment, Hong Kong diversity in culture is another aspect that makes this city the ultimate internship destination. Like many expats from every part of the world, I am amazed with the fusion of Chinese tradition and modern western influence that has resulted into an interesting culture in itself. In this vibrant city that is indulged with diversity, I never ran out of exciting things to discover.Bright Internships and the local support in Hong Kong have provided me with more than the needed service for me to adapt in this new strange city. They are always available and ready to assist whenever necessary. In addition, through my internship, I was delighted to be offered a full time employment in the company! These are just some of many reasons that made my Hong Kong internship such a surreal experience.

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