5 Popular Nature Attractions in Malang

Spending your leisure time in a place with cool breeze can refresh yourself. One of the places in East Java, Indonesia that offers this is Malang. You can travel with backpacker style to visit nature attractions in Malang as the budget that you need isn’t that much. Here are some best nature attractions in Malang that you shouldn’t miss.

Omah Kayu

Omah Kayu or Tree House is one of Nature Attractions in Malang that currently gains populatity among tourists. It’s a lodging house in the form of tree house. This place is perfect for those who want to relax in a place surrounded by nature.

Image source: jejakpiknik.com

You’ll be spoiled by the beautiful landscape of Malang from the tree house.

Image source: bluebroc.com

Don’t worry if you don’t want to stay overnight here. You still can come and enjoy this place even without staying overnight here. You just need to pay for the entrance ticket which cost  for about Rp 10.000.

Goa Pinus

Gua Pinus or Pine Cave has been becoming a trending topic in social media for its beautiful pine forest. You can enjoy the shady pine trees while the gentle breeze is cooling yourself.

Image source: ngetripyuk.id

The view of hills and paddy fields make this place as one of the best Nature Attractions in Malang that is perfect to relax yourself.

Image source: jejakalam.net

To enjoy this place, you only need to pay for about Rp 5.000 for the entrance ticket. This place is open from 7 AM – 6 PM, everyday.

Coban Rais

Coban Rais is a waterfaal with a height of 20 meter which is located 16 km from Malang.

Image source: ngetripyuk.id

You can also find a flower garden which is located only a few kilometers from the waterfall.

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There is no food stall here so it’s better to bring your own meals if you want to go to Coban Rais.

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

This 180 meters of height waterfall is often called as the Indonesia’s Niagara by the locals. If you always long for spending your time in nature, this magnificent waterfall is perfect for you.

Image source: youtube.com

You can also do hiking into the base of the waterfall.

Image source: dakatour.com

One thing to remember, this route if for experienced hikers. The route is slippery and rocky. You also have to cross a fast-flowing river, so make sure to pack your belongings in a waterproof bag.

Coban Putri

This waterfall is located in Tlekung village. Coban Putri has a clear water which is not contaminated with whatsoever, making it the perfect place to swim.

Image source: localguidesconnect.com

Image source: visiter.org

To enjoy this place, you need to pay for the entrance ticket which cost for about Rp 10.000.