Dare to Try These Bangkok Extreme Food?

Bangkok has become a heaven for food lovers around the world. From street-side eateries to fine dining, Bangkok has got them all. However, you might find some food in Bangkok are weird but delicious. Thai cuisine has a lot of dishes that feature one or two weird ingredients such as bugs, cockroach, insects, ant eggs and many more. And of course, going to Bangkok is not complete if you don’t try these Bangkok extreme food for at least once!

Malang Tod (Fried Insects)                                                                                    

In Bangkok, bugs are fried, seasoned and sold throughout the streets of the city for everyone to enjoy. While this may sound like a strange to some, fried insects are very famous in Thailand. Insects are great sources of protein, iron and calcium, and raising insects is much more economical than raising traditional meat sources.

Here are some of popular malang tod:

Hon Mhai (Silk Worms)

Image source: sportourism.id

Hon mhai are a common snack sold on the streets of Bangkok. They’re often fried on the vendor’s cart to insure freshnss and garnished with salt/pepper, and sometimes a secret sauce before using a ladle to serve them up.

Maeng Da (Waterbugs)

Image source: bugsfeed.com

Waterbugs look decidedly like giant cockroaches. In Thailand their essence is mostly extracted and added to chili based nam prik sauces. However, it’s also common to consume these creatures lightly boiled or deep fried and then salted heavily.

Takatan (Grasshoppers)

Image source: travelbyinterest.com

You’ll be surprised to know that many people around the actually eat grasshoppers for nutrition value! Per serving, it can almost match the amount of protein that a chicken breast contains. Focus on that and you might be able to force yourself to try a grasshopper.


Image source: tripzilla.com

This one is literally Bangkok extreme food and you’ll need to be careful on this one! Make sure that the vendor has removed the stig out of the tail of the scorpion.

Luu Muu (Raw Pig’s Blood)

Image source: sportourism.id

This is one which you’ll need an iron stomach and an absence of common sense to try. Luu Muu is raw pigs’ blood combined with a spice mixture and eaten with noodles.

Larb Mote Daeng (Red Ants Eggs)

Image source: travelbyinterest.com

You might think you shouldn’t eat a food when you see ants make their way into it. Larb Mote Daeng is prepared with red ants and their eggs. However, it is said to be one of the most delicious foods in Thailand.

Goong Ten (Dancing Shrimp)

Image source: dukelanguage.com

If you have a weak stomach, this Bangkok extreme food is probably not for you. The dish refers to the action acquired when the live freshwater tiny shrimps are sprayed with lime juice to sour them up before you eat them. The acid burns their skin. And likely, the shrimps still jump and bounce in your mouth until they die. Prior to serving, the shrimps are seasoned with chili, fish sauce, and lots of herbs like coordinator, red onion, parsley.