Indonesian traditional foods

Indonesian Traditional Foods that You Must Try

Every country has their iconic foods. In Indonesia, you will see so many variants of traditional foods that is cheap and delicious. This are some sugesstions of Indonesian traditional foods that you can try when come here:


Egg Satay (Sate Telor)

Basically its egg, a little bit MSG then fried, pinned by small woods, then served with spicy sauce. You can find egg satay around schools because children really like to buy this and its really cheap around Rp.1000.

Indonesian traditional Foods


Round-shape made from sticky rice. The size can be different depends on price. The filling has so many variation: green beans, chocolate, etc. You can find onde-onde easily on traditional market.

Indonesian traditional Foods


Sticky rice that has sliced chicken inside then covered by banana leaf really enviromentally friendly. Sometimes you can find lemper in wedding event . If you are hungry and dont have anything to eat, try lemper to fill your stomach a little bit.

Indonesian traditional Foods


Covered by dumpling skin. The filling are small chopped egg, wortel, etc. usually serves with chili or spicy sauce.

Indonesian traditional Foods

Tradisional Cupcake (Kue Mangkok)

This Indonesian traditional food taste is sweet. Traditional cupcake made from flour and steamed. the charm is usually its served colorfull and the shape is really beautifull because of the dough mold.

Indonesian traditional Foods

Kue Lapis Basah & Kue Lapis Legit

Made from rice flour, coconut milk, food coloring, starch and sugar. The pattern of the cake is really beautiful because the colors are arranged regularly. Lapis legit has the same pattern with kue lapis basah but the diferentiation is lapis legit tekstur like usual cake. To cook lapis legit need accuration because every layer is cooked differently. This Indonesian traditional foods often given to neighbour in special days, example: celebrating chrismast

Indonesian traditional Foods

You can find all of this street food so easily anywhere, because every stall around the crowded place/street sell it. So, are you interested to taste one of this street food? Dont hesitate to go to Indonesia to find this street food and internship experience! If you are interested,  Contact us.