Intern Guidebook: Bangkok

As Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok has seen a very rapid growth. Especially with its strategic location, Bangkok is one of the most important economic center in Southeast Asia nowadays. It has a dynamic business environment, where many trade fairs and conventions are being held. Bangkok is also Southeast Asia’s important travel hubs and top tourist destination. An internship in Bangkok will definitely be an unforgettable experience!

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Visa and Accommodation

You will need to get a Non-Immigrant Visa class “ED” (Education) for an internship in Bangkok. A letter of acceptance and recommendation from the company you will intern for is necessary to apply for this visa. This visa is valid for 3 months, with a possibility of an extension. Visit your nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate-General to apply for this visa. For more information you can check the Thailand’s immigration website (

Accommodations in Bangkok are relatively cheap with plenty of choices, from luxurious condo to studio apartments. The best location will be the ones near the BTS Skytrain or MRT stations, although it can cost more than the ones farther away. However, with how bad the traffic jam can be in Bangkok, it will be worth it to live close to the BTS Skytrain or MRT stations. Interestingly, the local newspaper “The Bangkok Post” can be one of the best ways to search for an accommodation, especially the cheaper ones.

Internships Placements

If you are interested to learn about business in a startup company, Bangkok is one of the best choices. Startups companies flourished in Bangkok, mostly because of the low cost for operation and the government’s supports. If you prefer to have a business internship in multinational companies, Bangkok also offer plenty of choices; as it is the center for economy and trade in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Another choice is in tourism and hospitality, as Bangkok is one of the top tourism destinations in Asia. Internship in Bangkok is available all year-round. Just remember that November – February is the peak season for tourism and Bangkok might be pretty crowded during that time. Airline tickets and accommodations prices will also be higher during this time period.

Working Condition

Working condition in Bangkok is actually pretty relaxed, however there is a strong culture of hierarchy and seniority. Decision making is usually pretty centralized and work relationship is formal. Thai people pay close attention to certain things, like how you dress or who you socialize with, as a way to determine where you stand in the hierarchy. Because of this, status and image is very important to Thai people. Make sure that you always dress well in your internship in Bangkok, as it will influence your colleague’s opinion of you.

In Bangkok, group harmony is vital and conflict is avoided in the workplace. Most of them will find it hard to say no or rejecting something directly, as they are afraid to offend people. Emotional restraint and professional attitude is highly valued in Bangkok workplace. Similarly, building relationship before doing business is considered very important in Bangkok. There will be a lot of luncheons or gatherings to build business relationships. 

Life in Bangkok

The language barrier might seems daunting at times, but Thai people are known to be very friendly. Generally, they are pretty open and accepting toward foreigners. It is the Land of Smiles, after all! There is also a feeling of strong national pride and love for the royal family among Thai people. Try to steer clear from any conversation about this sensitive subject, or you might unknowingly offend your Thai friends. For entertainment, there are unlimited choices in Bangkok. From historical sites and temples to shopping malls and vibrant nightlife, Bangkok has it all. There are also plenty of beaches and other nature wonders to keep you occupied during your internship in Bangkok.

Bangkok has an extensive bus system with cheap fare, however it can be quite a challenge for foreigner as most information is in Thai language. Bangkok’s taxi service is another alternative, as the fare is actually pretty cheap. One tip is to always make sure the drivers use the meters, and avoid those who try to negotiate upfront price. However, to avoid Bangkok’s infamous traffic jams, the BTS Skytrain or underground (MRT) will be the best choice.

Having an internship in Bangkok will definitely equip you with new knowledge and skills that will be useful for your future career. If you want to know more about Internship in Bangkok, contact us!